I should say THANK YOU, because I feel, for the first time in decades, I am getting on top of things record-wise. Do you know what a relief that is? It drags at you. It sucks the joy out of life when you think about it. So, THANK YOU!

L.J. – Southern Pines, NC


As someone who is challenged in QuickBooks, Pia assisted me in getting my bookkeeping in order. Prior to working with Pia my bookkeeping consisted of wads of receipts and records on yellow pads of paper. Due to Pia I now have my data organized and accessible. I can actually find out if I’m making any money at the push of a computer key.
Pia brings to the table a high degree of professionalsim, but more important she is a wonderful person to work with. Bookkeepers are a dime a dozen, charming and thoughtful bookkeepers are a rare find.

Fred Waters – Intermax

Pia has been our bookkeeper since 1995. She was kind enough to do our books on weekends for the past 14 years, and now that she has started The Organizer, we are confident that many others will have the opportunity of her skills. Pia has taken care of recording our daily sales, she handles our weekly payroll, takes care of preparing our weekly invoice payments, and balances and reconciles our bank accounts. She works closely with our CPA to make sure that our monthly sales and payroll taxes are accurate and paid on time. In the 14 years we have worked with her I can tell you that she is dependable, reliable, and trust worthy. If she tells you she will do something you can count on it being done.

John Davis – Sweet Basil Cafe, Southern Pines, NC

When I started my own business a few years ago I knew I could provide my customers with excellent service as far as electrical work is concerned, but I had no idea how to keep track of all the income and expenses, or what taxes needed to be paid and when to file them, etc. I was fortunate enough to hire The Organizer. She takes care of everything for me on a weekly basis, including preparing my customer invoice and estimates. All I have to do is sign the checks and mail out the envelopes.

K.G.B. Electric

Other Clients include:

The Market Place Restaurant – Southern Pines, NC

Dr. Rick Saunders, DDS, Orthodontist – Pinehurst, NC

Chemark Consulting – Southern Pines, NC

Silva Painting, LLC – Robbins, NC

Equine Sports Medicine – Aberdeen, NC

Hassinger Farms – Aberdeen, NC

Anderson Architecture – Southern Pines, NC

K.B. Development – Southern Pines, NC

Carolina Furnishing Plus Design – West End, NC

Ashten’s Restaurant – Southern Pines, NC

Sandhills Farm to Table Cooperative – Whispering Pines, NC

Benefit Choices, Inc. – Pinehurst, NC