The Organizer provides bookkeeping services and is not a Certified Public Accountant

Bookkeeping Services available include:

  • Data Entry
  • Preparing checks and recording financial transactions
  • Preparing client invoices
  • Project spread sheets
  • Payroll processing
  • Preparing monthly state and federal payroll liabilities
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Providing monthly P & L Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Preparing project quotes

Meeting and working with the company’s CPA to provide all necessary quarterly and yearly tax information.

The Organizer provides bookkeeping services utilizing QuickBooks and is set up for the QuickBooks Payroll Service.

If a client retains The Organizer for Bookkeeping services and does not have a CPA, The Organizer can provide the Name and Number of a highly reputable and qualified CPA firm for their consideration.

The Organizer feels strongly that each client retaining The Organizer for Bookkeeping services have a CPA conduct a quarterly review and discuss any necessary entry adjustments with the client and The Organizer.  This will allow The Organizer to properly enter data in a manner that will allow the CPA to spend less time entering and adjusting data for tax purposes, lowering the overall CPA costs for the client.

If clients are not set up with electronic tax payment account for federal taxes, The Organizer will set up and account for the client, allowing federal taxes and state taxes to be filed on a timely basis electronically.

If clients wish to process payroll through direct deposit, but have not set this type of service up, The Organizer, through QuickBooks, can provide this service.

When selecting the Payroll and Payroll Liabilities Services provided by the Organizer, please note that The Organizer can only provide the client with the date and amount of payroll and taxes due.  It is the Client ‘s responsibility to have the funds available in their accounts at the time the payroll and the liabilities are due. Should client not have the funds available at the time the Payroll and Taxes are due, The Organizer is NOT responsible for any penalties incurred by the client.